The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

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Wishing Tree


This is a tree we saw in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, recently while on vacation. It wasn’t officially called a ‘wishing tree’ but I dubbed it that because it looked so magical. It made me feel joyful merely by standing next to it, so I figured it must be pretty powerful!


With a birthday around the corner, I have been doing what everybody does and taking stock of what works in my life and what doesn’t. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman the other day. She was one of those amazing people who make you feel like your life has been enriched just by meeting them. Her name was M.J. and when we met she was barefoot and wearing a blue sequin t-shirt, a sea-foam-colored tutu and a pepto-bismol pink manicure. I’d like to be delicate about this but M.J. isn’t 13 – she’s closer to 60 – and I’m convinced that she’s one of the most fabulous women on the planet! She is not only more fun than a barrel of monkeys (and did I mention gorgeous?), she also happens to be an accomplished ER doctor! A great swirl of fun surrounds her wherever she goes and I imagine that her husband has not spent a bored day in his life.

We had a chance to have a few private chats over a 24 hour period and of course I wanted to know all of her secrets. She shared that she had a difficult childhood and that one of the best gifts her mother had given her – aside from a great work ethic- was that while they were very poor, her mother and grandmother showed her “how to make fun out of nothing”. It didn’t matter that they had very little because they could create fun for themselves, no matter what. We discussed that as parents we all want to give our kids as much as we can and the very best – but the best gift often isn’t a new phone or computer game or some other longed for gadget. The best gift is showing them how to create an inner fortitude and ability to create their own fun or opportunities in life and those are the real lasting pleasures. Those are the gifts that will serve them well in life.

What gifts or life lessons do you wish to give your children?

P.S. I promise to write more about Miss M. J., she is simply divine!

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