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The Jumping Off Point

The Jumping Off Point

This year is becoming very exciting. The product of years of writing – my first novel, Synchronized Breathing – is in the process of coming to life. My friends and family have listened to me talk about this book for over 7 years- and now I’m finally in the position to share it with other women in need of some humor.

This book started as a way to have a bit of fun and laugh, at a time when I felt anything but happy. Once I got up the courage to dive in and create stories about life and dating in Los Angeles after divorce, I found I couldn’t stop. It became addicting. Pages poured out of me, many of which didn’t make it into the book because there simply wasn’t room. There was so much material that some colorful characters had to be cut down or eliminated altogether. (If one is in need of muses, there is no better town than Los Angeles to provide you with ample fodder.)

Last spring I went to New York and met with two wonderful agents that wanted to represent this book. Sitting in their offices and having conversations about characters that up until that point had existed only in my head, made me suddenly realize Oh wow, this is real! It was a pivotal moment because writing the book had been such a personal journey. To discover that other people actually enjoyed these characters and had a connection to them made the years of hard work worthwhile.

We are deep in the editing process now and preparing the book’s cover art for the November release. I am so grateful to The Writer’s Coffee Shop for all of the tremendous support I have received and to all the wonderful women and teachers in my life who have encouraged me on this journey. Their unwavering support helped sustain me when I felt like giving up on this dream, and now all the way through to its publication. Ladies, you know who you are! (And also to my lovely husband who has had to live with my obsession with this project since he met me!) Thank you for taking this adventure with me. I couldn’t do it without you.

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  • WyndyDee May 22, 2013 at 1:52 pm / Reply

    Wishing you all the very best! Excited for you as well! Yes, I did use Three exclamation points! LOL 😉

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