Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women

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I’ve made some wonderful new friends over the summer. Living in Los Angeles, it can feel a bit isolating and it’s not always easy to make new friends. My lovely new friends in Northern California have embraced me with open arms and I’m very grateful.

There are certain people you meet and feel like your life has been instantly improved, merely by basking in their presence. It’s as if a bit of their personal magic has rubbed off on you.

When I met M.J. on my friend Nancy’s houseboat for drinks one night, she was wearing a sapphire blue sequin t-shirt, coupled with a tie-dyed sea-foam-colored mesh skirt, lush false eye-lashes and a pepto-bismol-pink manicure. I’d like to be delicate about this but she wasn’t 13; she was – as she told me later – somewhere closer to 60. I thought perhaps she might be someone’s eccentric aunt, but boy was she breath-taking. She’s not only beautiful with an enviable figure, gorgeous skin and a great haircut, which fell in delicate wisps around her features, but M.J. happens to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Her positive energy was contagious. The only thing more impressive than her inherent foxiness was her lengthy list of accomplishments; aside from being a wife and mother, M. J. happens to be an ER doctor!

Over the course of her 24-hour stay, we had the opportunity to have a few quiet chats. I wanted to know all her secrets. What was the key to her wonderful attitude? How did she create this swirl of fun that seemed to surround her?

M.J. shared with me that she survived a difficult childhood and one of the best lessons in life she ever received was to be genuinely interested in other people and their stories. It made perfect sense to me. If life experience is one of the key elements that enrich your life, studying other people serves to nurture that hunger and thirst for life. M.J. also noted that her mother and Grandmother knew how to create fun out of nothing – a skill she has no doubt honed to perfection. Kudo’s to Miss M.J.!

Here’s to all the inspiring ladies out there! You give us somewhere to aim for and thanks for sharing a little of your personal magic.

What women inspire you?

Some of my new Northern California friends.

Some of my new Northern California friends – M.J., Laura & Nancy.

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