Finally, the muse beckons

Finally, the muse beckons

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What a dreary and long wait it’s been to finally feel flush with a new book idea! Hurray! I had no idea it would take this long to rebound, but here we are. After the long gestation of Synchronized Breathing, it seemed to really take a lot out of me and as much as I wanted to get going on the next project, nothing was inspiring me. I felt stuck. I had to finally let go and allow my creative well to fill up again and stop bitching about the lack of fun ideas to chase.

During those dry spells where you are waiting and waiting for some creative spark to arrive, what do you rely on to keep you going? I seek solace in reading what other people have done when faced with writer’s block. Which means read, go outside – take a walk, or go to the beach, get out in nature. Listen to music and dance. Get out your old paints and start to play. In essence, get out of your head and stop trying to force things. And you know what – after a while it works!

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