An auspicious beginning

An auspicious beginning

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Synchronized Breathing was launched at Diesel, a Bookstore, in Los Angeles in November 2013. It was particularly poignant as much of the book takes place in and around Brentwood and had been written a stone’s throw from there in various local coffee shops. I had been dreaming of a launch at Diesel and then miraculously it happened! Dear friends came out in droves to support the book and hear all the lessons I had learned in the process of creating the book – and there were plenty of those! Suffice it to say, pretty much everything I needed to know about life and love, I learned through making this book. Commitment, dedication, endurance, discipline, belief in the story, resilience, as well as a good deal of faith – were all gifts that came about via this book. Sometimes the greatest gifts in life can come in the most surprising packages.


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